Throughout the year you will have a number of opportunities to talk with your child’s teacher about their learning.  

School interviews - Ngā Uiuitanga

School interviews occur twice a year.  The first is held in term one. The second round of interviews are held in term 3, following the mid term reports.  Times will either be allocated to you or booked through school interviews. These interviews are compulsory as they provide invaluable information and planning time so we can support your child in their ongoing learning.

Meet the teacher - Hui whānau - Term One

The following is shared between the teacher, the child and the whānau:
Initial testing data from term one

Information about strengths and interests

Next steps about how to support your child in their learning.

Parent / teacher / student interview - Term Three

The following will be discussed in the term 3 interview.  It is vital your child attends these interviews with you.

Further information about the mid year report

Further detail about your child’s learning in literacy and mathematics, including discussion of assessment data

Goal setting with the child to determine how we can support them in their ongoing learning.

Written Reporting - Pūrongo ā-Tuhi

Learning Records are a new way of reporting to parents that we are trialling this year. The purpose of the report is to provide a 'learning story' about each term. This will include information from across the curriculum. These are updated termly and available for parents to view on the parent portal.