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About Feilding Intermediate

Feilding Intermediate operates four learning centres. Centres provide the opportunity for students to learn within authentic and innovative contexts.


High levels of engagement and enthusiasm are present in all classes, as teachers work to deliberately teach to their students strengths and interests. It is important to note that all centres strive for excellence, and pay equal attention to literacy and numeracy. Students are expected to work and learn across all areas of the curriculum. All centres welcome BYOD, and utilise technology as part of their daily programme.


Students in Hauora have a passion for physical activity and often use sporting contexts to explore other curriculum areas. Students are supported to set ambitious goals and make deliberate plans to achieve excellence across the curriculum. Hauroa also provides a pathway for students to excel in their chosen sport, and to participate in regular, high quality training programmes.


Taumata provides an opportunity for students to think critically about complex topics including local, regional and global issues. Students have at least one area of academic excellence, and are encouraged to broaden this area of expertise. Taumata students enjoy independent projects, and are encouraged to extend themselves with second language learning.


Students in Motuhaketanga enjoy questioning how and why things work. They have a passion for solving problems, asking questions and using science to explain the world around them. Motuhaketanga students use the science curriculum, and their passion for inquiry, to develop their knowledge and skills across other curriculum areas.

Nga Toi

Nga Toi students enjoy using the Arts to develop their learning across the curriculum. This includes drama, dance, music and visual arts. Nga Toi students are encouraged to be creative, expressive and be risk takers. Students work in a highly collaborative environment that encourages them to share their ideas, work with a range of different learners, and move between different teachers.


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Meet the Teacher Day

Wednesday 31st January 2018 From 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

We welcome all students and their families to visit Feilding Intermediate School at our meet the teacher day.